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The Air Clipper was created in Japan due to the needs of the aging society, a similar situation that Singapore is facing. Developed over a period of 3 years, it has been in use in Japan for 3 years helping many people. More people are finding it difficult to go to the salon due to a variety of reasons. The alternative is home visit hair salons but they too have the unenviable task of cleaning up after the haircut. We aim to solve these issues while contributing to society, making life easier for our elderly. The Air Clipper requires little to no cleanup after haircuts at a fraction of the normal time taken.


Elderly with neck issues or other health risks would greatly benefit from the Air Clipper. They would not need to travel to a hair salon and the time taken for the haircut is greatly reduced. The Air Clipper prevents hair from falling out with a vacuum during the haircut process. Minor or no cleanup is needed. The vacuum prevents any damage to your hair while cutting, ensuring a safe and efficient process. Haircuts can be done anywhere with the Air Clipper, even on beds. 


Additionally, the Air Clipper was developed to improve the process of home visit hairdressing. The elderly have been giving rave reviews on the seamless haircutting process the Air Clipper provides.Current hairdressing methods are feasible but we should always seek to adapt and improve with the times. I hope the Air Clipper brings more comfort and ease to our elderly to make their lives that much easier and revolutionise the hairdressing world.